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Friday, August 04, 2006

Unanimous Decision?

What a crazy week. Have done very little knitting and no painting once again. Part of this is because I've been doing my civic duty as a juror. It was an interesting case, and I feel confident in the verdict we jurors as a group agreed to. The surprising thing was how well 12 people could work together to reach this unanimous agreement. I don't believe we were all 100% convinced the damages awarded was what we as individuals wanted, but were willing to come to a consensus we all could comfortably live with. I was truly amazed. And, for the most part, it was all done in a humorous and civil manner. I can truly say I enjoyed meeting everyone on the jury.

Unfortunately, things have not gone so smoothly with my SO. We have not been communicating well. He's very passionate and aggressively vocal about his opinions. Sometimes, he's a "glass half full" person while I'm a "glass half empty". Othertimes, it's just the opposite. I feel our stupid arguments this week have simply been because of this. Like body rhythms, is there some kind of "mood rhythms" we could synchronize? Or perhaps a pill I could take to put me in his "the world is coming to an end" mood to match his? Or a big "Easy Button" like Staples has. Wouldn't that be great? But wouldn't it also be awful to have so much negativity in the world? Maybe it should be a "glass half full" zapper we could use on one another, but then wouldn't the world be bland if we were all just floating along on the same wavelength?

Hopefully, I'll be able to channel some of this emotion into some nice artwork over the weekend. And I should have the halter completed before Saturday night's gathering at a friend's place! I'm not happy with the look of the decreases along the right shoulder, though. Have been contemplating another redo -- at least of that portion. Need to do some research into the better way of handling the decreases. Funny, but I thought I was handling the left shoulder decreases wrong, but they look great! Such is life . . .


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