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Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's Done! It's Done!

Here's a photo of my first major FO for 2006. Woohoooooo!

I did end up redoing the right shoulder as I wasn't happy with how the decreases looked. Just adjusted the pattern a bit, and it looks much better now (even though you can't see that in the photo). Before blocking, the fit was a little too tight. Blocked it overnight, and then the fit was a little too loose, especially across the back. I've now rewashed, and it's blocking once again. Hopefully, it will fit perfectly after this. The cable turned out pretty well. (Detail shown prior to blocking.) I was concerned as the stitches were so tight every time I worked the cable. Now after blocking, it looks good!

I still have a felted purse to finish. And a scarf for my SO in Green Bay Packer colors. (Yes, he's a cheesehead.) And I'm dying to start my next big project - Kimono Sweater from Knitpicks. In Barn Red, of course! But, that will wait, at least for a few more days. Too many UFO lying around just waiting to be blocked/seamed. I love knitting; I dread blocking/seaming. Why have I never selected a sweater that was knit in the round? Will have to keep that in mind for future pattern browsing.

What about the artwork? Still haven't started a new painting. I do have an image selected, and will try to do a value sketch this afternoon. I have other ideas rolling around in my head, so I'm having trouble focusing on any one of them. Now that the halter is out of my system, maybe it will be easier to sit down to paint. (I tend to like jumping from one obsession to another.)

The running program is coming along nicely. I'm still following the program after 5 weeks! I'm really proud of myself for staying motivated, especially since I've never been much of an active person. I'm even contemplating running my first 5K race in October. The thought of that amazes me as I'm barely able to run 3 minutes at a time right now, but my running friends assure me it'll be a piece of cake by then. I dread seeing my name at the bottom of the results list, but I think it would be even more sad not to be on the list at all. Now, if I can just convince my legs of that fact . . .


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