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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Knitting has been trying my patience lately! I started the Kimono sweater, and it is going sl0-0-0-0-w. This fishernet cable pattern is fairly intense. And I usually love working cables. I got to the end of row eight and realized I had goofed somewhere on the row, so I frogged and started over. Then, on the second attempt, I got to row 14 when I realized I had made a mistake on row 10. (Duh! Why aren't the cables lining up right?) I'm not about to frog again, so I'm now tinking back five rows! Given that it has taken me 30-45 minutes to complete one row, I could just cry. But I keep reminding myself that the reason I'm doing this is for the pleasure of knitting, not to accomplish some speed knitting record. (Of course, this project should be a 'no distractions zone' project. Can't watch Rockstar Supernova or the new season of House while working on this baby!)

I'm going to try my first pair of socks. That's right, after 20+ years of knitting, I've never attempted socks. Bought some yarn and tiny little DPN's. Now, it's just to find a simple sock pattern. Also, bought Debbie Bliss' Simply Baby over the weekend. A friend is having triplets early next year, and I'd love to knit 3 sets of Cuffed Booties for the babies! If I have time, may also design a matching cap for each. Triplets! Wow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how's that Packer Scarf coming alone? Winters approaching you know...

September 28, 2006 2:29 PM  

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